Land of Crete

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth largest one in the Mediterranean Sea. The climate of Crete is a temperate Mediterranean climate. Fertile soils and temperate climate create ideal conditions for the cultivation of the olive tree.


According to archaeological findings the olive tree and olive oil were the major factors of prosperity in the Minoan Crete (2000 BC). Olive oil is inextricably related to the history of Crete and the lives of the local people.


The region of Kissamos is located northwest of Chania. The microclimate of the region and the geographical relief give the oil a special taste and are responsible for its excellent quality.

For these reasons Chania is classified by the EU as PGI Chania (Protected Geographical Indication) and two smaller areas within the prefecture as PDO Kolymvari and PDO Apokoronas (Protected Designation of Origin).


The bottling of olive oil produced in certified PDO and PGI areas is taking place in packaging plants that exist in these areas and are under rigorous testing. This certification is an additional guarantee of quality for the consumer. The map shows the areas of Crete that PDO and PGI certifications.